The Life of A Christian

ON the surface it’s tongue and cheeky.

Persistently mocked, consistently.

Together we march no longer phased by the shock,

of millions daily examining us, hoping to see us flop.


As we go about our days, misconception radiate like sun rays,

They think we think we’re above correction,

but in reality we just wait to hear what the Son says.


As the world system falls and morality fades away,

foolish people run around like chickens with no heads,

debating what politician will save the day.


They hate it when we say, “it doesn’t matter who gets elected!”; we bring a new perspective.

You see, certain things need to be shaken, so that the church can be resurrected.


Unbelievers have the added luxury of living ultra-securely.

Placing hope in man-made inventions, even when the intentions are hidden discretely.

No such benefit exists for me. In order for me to be pleasing,

I must have faith in the unseen, and earnestly believe,

That as I diligently seek Him, He will gracefully reward me.


An unbeliever lives tightly, spending sparingly.

Waiting for investment funds to pay off. Investing in a one world agenda,

unaware of its antichrist implications, funding it no matter the cost.


I openly deny myself and my residence on this earth.

Call me a pilgrim and a stranger, my eternal address is changed thanks to this new birth.

Further evidence that this earth is not my home, is that its inhabitants won’t go out of their way to honor His thrown.


My life is eternally tucked away. Immortality is guaranteed because of a decision that took a split second to make.


Many mansions await us upon our arrival, and since no mortgage payment is required,

We refuse to be like the world, stressing out over financial survival.


We’re not seeking after a life in the afterlife because no effort can bring us there. A confession purchased a place for us there, and we just want to take you with us.

The Living Reservoir

The Lord led me to the water

When I was thirsty and weak.

He poured down His water

When I said, “It’s You, the fountain that I seek.”

It will be joyous, so myself I surrender.

Just to bear witness to Your glorious splendor.

I will be patient, and I will be tender,

Persecution I’ll endure, until the promise is rendered.

How could I seek refuge in another?

The saints rejoice in the fountain, like children in summer.

I lay down my life, desiring no pursuit of my own.

Jesus, lead me up the river, to bow before Your throne.

Wipe away my tears, Your love has delivered me of my fears.

Rivers of life, flow down on me. The water and blood agree,

We’ve received access to the stream.

Come bow down and worship the everlasting King.

The Living Reservoir.

The Gain of Loss

Whether or not you choose to believe,

The true presence of God will bring you to your knees.

Jews and Gentiles become one in the Blood.

All evil is put under the body of the Son.

When you give yourself completely to the Lord,

You’re given the honor of executing judgments with the sword.

We know who we worship because we have the Spirit as a guarantee.

Elohim’s Goph reigns as gods in the earth, deeply rooted in the tree.

If you choose to follow Christ, you sacrifice all lusts of the flesh.

The return of giving up feeble things, is achieving supernatural success.

If you want to experience the glory of God, Jesus is the only way you can come.

If you lose yourself in worship, power to shake wickedness falls from above.